You gotta Love them!

You gotta Love them!

The most recent pictures from Caves Branch Gardens

The most recent orchids in bloom


There are so many amazing orchids in bloom in the garden, just cannot post all of them.  To fully appreciate the richness of colors, the intricacy of shapes and the richness of the aromas, you gotta visit our gardens in person.  Hope you will come to join us for the orchids adventures!





2013 Macro photography workshop!

BugShot/Belize will take place at our lodge between Septemeber 22nd and 29th. Last years workshop was sold out within the two weeks after the announcement, so do not miss your chance! To register: go to

And if you want to see some of fabulous pictures from January 2013 workshop, please check this link:

Vanilla Orchid in bloom again

Vanilla orchid produce really beautiful flowers that last only one day. If they get pollinated then there will be a vanilla pod with vanilla beans( source of well known vanilla spice), if they do not get pollinated they will close by 5pm, and the next day you will see new flowers in bloom.  Flowers have a very faint smell, but are gorgeous.

Green vanilla pod, and a pod that is almost ready to be harvested, protected from the unwanted  predators by a light breathable bag.

Last year we were able to harvest our own vanilla beans, which were added to brown sugar to make Vanilla sugar and you can smell it and even taste while doing the tour of the botanical garden.  Enjoy the pictures!

Scraping vanilla beans out  of the pods and adding them to our local brown sugar.

Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world after saffron, so every bean counts!


Champion Orchid March 2012

Last year we counted the number of flowers on our biggest orchid, Oncidium sphacelatum, locally  known as Shower of Gold or Dancing Ladies.  There were 4, 576 flowers blooming at the same time.  A year later, we did count again and were astonished to find out that the same orchid gave us 11, 310 flowers  blooming at the same time on the same orchid! How did we get that orchid? We found it few years ago chopped off the tree, lying on the ground, during the clearing of the old trees near the highway, we picked it up and brought it here.  Picture of the orchid during the count.

Standing under the orchid

Don Luis counting the orchids.

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