You gotta Love them!

You gotta Love them!

The most recent pictures from Caves Branch Gardens

Champion Orchid March 2012

Last year we counted the number of flowers on our biggest orchid, Oncidium sphacelatum, locally  known as Shower of Gold or Dancing Ladies.  There were 4, 576 flowers blooming at the same time.  A year later, we did count again and were astonished to find out that the same orchid gave us 11, 310 flowers  blooming at the same time on the same orchid! How did we get that orchid? We found it few years ago chopped off the tree, lying on the ground, during the clearing of the old trees near the highway, we picked it up and brought it here.  Picture of the orchid during the count.

Standing under the orchid

Don Luis counting the orchids.

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